Real Estate Services

Calgary Real Estate Agent For Over 35 Years.

Let my experience work for you!

I can provide you with the following services:
Act as a consultant to determine your real estate needs, help you establish what you can afford and assist you with mortgage financing.

I can also advise you of costs such as legal fees, legal disbursements, closing costs and down payment options involved in the buying process.

Serving Calgary & Area

  • Identify and represent you in one of three market scenarios:
    1. Buyers Market
    2. Sellers Market
    3. Balanced Market

  • Identify communities and homes that are most suited to you as an individual, couple or family.

  • Research all MLS® listings to find the right home for you. I also have “first knowledge” of new listings as they are recorded.

  • Advise you when homes are overpriced.

  • Provide information on properties and accompany you as an adviser when showing suitable properties.

  • Promptly present offers and negotiate on your behalf. Negotiations could involve one or numerous counter-offers.

  • I will guide you through the process if there is more than one offer for the property on which you have made an offer to purchase.

  • Arrange an inspection.

  • Guide you through the process from offer to closing. This includes facilitating the completion of all paperwork and monitoring all closing activities.

  • Keep you informed throughout the entire purchase process.

  • The buyer’s AGENT is paid from the seller’s commission. There is no direct cost to you. A AGENT works without pay until they find the right home for you and successfully closes an offer to purchase at a price and terms acceptable to you.


If you have more questions or need help finding your first home, contact me today.